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A subtle kiss that no one sees; A broken wrist and a big trapeze

It's a secret.
About Me

{Smile like you mean it.}
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25 years old. Fangirl of many fandoms. Creative. Honest. One could say I am a bit obsessed with Misha Collins at the moment. I also help moderate over at Kryptonsite. My journal is friends only, but don't worry I don't bite if you want to join. Just drop me a note and I'll add you back. :DSupernatural. Heroes. True Blood. Doctor Who. The X-Files. Lord of the Rings. Legend of the Seeker. Merlin. Smallville. Pirates of the Caribbean. The Neverending Story. Batman. Torchwood. Invasion. Ghost Hunters. Star Wars. Phantom of the Opera. Roswell.Twilight The Killers. Chicago White Sox. Graphic Design. Photography. Family. Chicago Bears. Johnny Depp. Scrapbooking. The Sims. Traveling. Ghosts. Movies. Italian Food. Here are some links!

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