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The Killers Album Posters Art

So The Killers have 4 albums out. I decided to make a poster for each of them. Each poster has a different theme based on the sound and the mood of the album. Those of you who got them, I used the Machine Wash filters on all them :p

Hot Fuss (First album)

Sam's Town (Second Album)

Sawdust (Third Album)

Day & Age (Fourth Album)

Just cause I can :) bwahahaha! I love Ronnie (drummer)

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 I finished my made up Killers album! :) I drew the heads in illustrator and pretty much did everthing there. The comic words are just vectors I downloaded for free. God bless for them lol! I wanted to do something fun with illustrations instead of actual pictures. So there it is...hope you guys enjoy it! 

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